Who is Take the week off

Omaha Nebraska Rapper/Producer Take The Week Off combines old school Hip Hop sampling with new school flow and lyrics, creating his music with influences from artists in all genres like Drake, Kanye West and Motion City Soundtrack. Born Austin Taylor Adams, He was raised and homeschooled in a strict religious household, blocked for most of his childhood from listening to Hip Hop or Pop radio. After convincing his parents to enroll him in Junior High a whole new world of music and culture opened up to him. Early references include hyper melodic genres like Pop Punk and the energetic scene of Post Hardcore music, but it would take years for him to discover Hip Hop and create music of his own.

His first inclination with Hip Hop started when he fell into a rap battle two of his classmates were having, discovering a natural talent he would continue to practice, write and eventually record his first songs.

After graduating High School, he moved to Los Angeles to attend Pinnacle College and earn a degree in Audio Engineering.

In 2016, he released his first non commercial album "iisland" in which he mixed and mastered the project himself.

After taking a year long hiatus to learn how to make beats using a stolen beat pad from his college, the now producer released a string of self produced singles with One Day, Make It Ugly and I Don't Feel It.

Later that year he would release his first official EP "Homesick" which was again self produced, mixed and mastered.

~ John S.